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How it works: Using the referral form, add the email address of the customers you want to the discount to go to. Once the customer complete’s their order online, you’ll receive 10% of the total order payment.

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Did you know LER Web Services has one of the most competitive digital marketing referral programs in the industry? Refer a business to us and earn up to 10% commission per new customer!

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Meeting Client

After you send your email with your link, we’ll plan for a virtual meeting with your referral, discuss their project and expectations. Plan deadlines and answer any question’s they may have.

Current Performance

An honest discussion of the referral’s current (and past) website performance, including the keywords they’re missing out on.

Competitor Analysis

The exact keywords and online marketing tactics their competitors are using to steal their traffic and customers.

Potential Growth

Discover how much organic traffic their website should be getting, based on data-driven scenarios and a timeline for results.

Referral Program FAQS

Absolutely not! If you’re putting in the time and effort to refer business to us, you deserve to earn the commission on that. There is no earnings cap on our digital marketing referral program!

Commission’s are paid out almost immediately. Once your referral has signed their contract and the first payment has been processed, we’ll reach out to you to 1) say congratulations, and 2) collect the required information to submit your commission via an ACH direct deposit. All payments are processed as a 1099 contractor.

Absolutely! We offer a one-time bonus for every 5 referrals you send our way. The more referrals you send, the greater the incentive!

All of the services we offer are covered under the digital marketing referral program. This includes eCommerce marketing, Local SEO, enterprise SEO, content marketing, Pay-Per-Click Ads, and website design. For a full list of our capabilities, please visit this page.

This is completely dependent on your referral! If you’re not sure which service will benefit them most, leave it up to us to decide! With every referral you send us, we’ll complete a website audit and competitive analysis to decide what would be the best solution to grow their business.

You can always rely on an honest, transparent, and data-driven approach for anyone we do business with. We always work in the best interest of the client/referral.

No, you do not have to be a client of LER Web Services to submit a referral to our agency. We welcome referrals from anyone, regardless of whether they have utilized LER Web Services.

If you have a contact or know of someone interested in our design services, you are more than welcome to refer them to us. Referrals play a significant role in expanding our client base, and we appreciate any recommendations from individuals who believe in the quality of our work. If you refer a new client to us who orders a website package, you receive a 10% commission.

By submitting a referral, you are helping us connect with new clients and partners and expand our network, and we value and reward such contributions. So, feel free to refer anyone you think could benefit from our web design services, regardless of whether you are a client of LER Web Services.

Submitting a referral is simple. Just fill out the referral form on the referral page with the email address of the business you are referring to. We will then follow up with you and congratulate you for the sale and see if you have any questions or concerns.

Absolutely! We encourage you to refer as many new clients as you like. The more referrals you make, the more referral fees you can earn.

Once send your referral, our website will reach out to the potential client with a discount to get started on their project. They'll put them in contact with the website project manager during the entire process to see if they have any question's or concerns. Once they complete their order through our website or over the phone, our website we will pay you a referral fee.

We will process your referral fee payment once we have completed the referral’s website design project and received full payment. You can expect to receive your paid referral fee within 1-7 business days from the moment the customer has paid to start their project.

At LER Web Services, we do great work and we’re passionate about empowering small businesses to thrive online. Our referral incentive is designed to connect with organizations ready to take their online presence to the next level. If you know friends, family members, or small businesses that fit this description, it could be the perfect candidate for a referral. Here’s why:

Small Businesses with Growth Ambitions
Our ideal client is small businesses that have ambitious growth goals. If you know a business looking to expand its customer base, increase sales, or improve brand visibility, our website design services can pay huge dividends.

Businesses in Need of a New Website or Website Redesign
Whether a company is starting from scratch or looking to revamp its existing website, we specialize in creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites that deliver results. If you know a business that needs a new website or a re-design project, our experienced team can provide the expertise they need.

Entrepreneurs Focused on Results and Success
The ideal referral for us is an entrepreneur or business owner committed to achieving tangible results and success. If you have any friends or colleagues who are proactive, driven, and passionate about their business, they would be a perfect fit for our website design referrals program. We can help most clients convert their passion into a successful online presence.

Businesses Seeking to Maximize Their Online Marketing Efforts
In today’s digital age, having a well-designed website is essential for a company to maximize their online marketing efforts. If you know a business that wants to enhance its online presence, improve user experience, and attract more customers, our website design services can play a vital role in its marketing strategy.

Entrepreneurs with a Strong Network and Connections
Referrals from entrepreneurs with strong networks and connections are invaluable partners to us. If you know an entrepreneur who has built a network of business contacts and industry connections, they can help us expand our reach and connect with more businesses that can benefit from our website design services. Together, we can create a powerful network of successful partnerships.

Businesses Looking to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Staying ahead of the competition is crucial for organizations in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. If you know a business eager to stay on the cutting edge, embrace innovation, and outshine its competitors, our web design services can give it the competitive edge it needs.

If you have any questions about payment, or are wondering if you’re a good fit, you can contact us anytime at

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